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After market front ferring won't stay on

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[?]I bought an after market front ferring from AIRTECH.
It does not have a fixtures on the inside to hold the headlight
in place. Any help in correcting this problem woud be great.[?]
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What year 6R?

'99 ZX6R
'02 Raptor
'01 Wolverine
'87 Radian (for sale)
The year of the ZX-6R is '99.
I thought they made that plastic to be raced ( thereby not having a hole for the headlight). On the page I thought I remembered that it said you have to cut it out, correct me if I'm wrong. But thats what I thought
matt m
Actually, there was a hole cut out for the head light, but no faseners on the inside of the fiber-glass.
Problem solved....I took it to a corvette shop and thier going to rectify the problem.
Thanx for the replys though.....

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