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after market pipe

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i recently purchased a muzzy pipe for a 2002, the store i bought it from to;d me it didnt need to be re- jetted. i was told otherwise, should it be re-jetted, will it ruin the motor if its not?
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If it's just the endcan, like a slipon, then is does not NEED to be, but you'll probobly get some more performance if you do.

See how it runs, ride around for a bit. If the engine feels weird, then get it jetted :)

If it was a full system, you DO NEED to get it jetted.

Also if you got just the endcan and also put a K&N Airfilter in, a rejet is a very good idea...

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In other words, re-jet just to be safe if nothing else. You can't always tell if damage is being done to your engine simply by how it performs.
You don't need a dyno to tell you the engine is running rough at low rpm... which is generally the most common case when re-jetting is required. My '98 had a dynojet kit and a D&D can, and wasn't jetted properly... the problems I had were rough running at sub-7000 rpm, occasional stalls when not running hard, and a lot of deposit on the tip of the endcan.

Went to smaller needles, and the bike ran like a top, despite the fact that I lost a noticeable amount of peak power because of it.

If in doubt, your dealer's mechanics should be able to assess fairly quickly and reasonably if it's running lean or rich, and can likely change the jetting for you to make sure it's set up right.

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Hey scroll...

I know this guy..he came in an ate at my bar a few days ago and saw my bike....

we have exactly the same type bike (color and everything).

Anyway...he does have a full exhaust system and the dealer told him he doesn't need to rejet...which I said sounds crazy. The bike is running extremely lean after a full exhaust is put on and he needs to rejet asap! But I gave him the url to this website so he could ask you guys (who know a heck of a lot more than me).

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Hmmm. Scroll said he had a pipe.

But Marine said it'sa full system. Shrug.

With a full system, you definitely should rejet.

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