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I stumbled upon some sites called Discount Motorcycle..... Exhaust, Parts, Tires.


Well it turns out that I think they are some of the cheapest parts thus far. The site is nicely laid out. Got my tires for less including shipping then if purchased from Tire Express or Tires Unlimited in Ohio if I picked them up. Besides I would had to pay tax. Anyway I compared the pricing of parts that I got from Hard Racing and over paid them like $44.00. The real crapper is they sold exactly everything I wanted Brand/Model right there!

Discount.... = $578
Hard Racing= $622

I guess that is not to bad considering the total order of parts. However I think it is still cheaper going through Discount.... Little steamed but everybody in the business to make business. I thought I done enough research/price comparism but there seems to always be someone cheaper.

What are some of you guys/gals favorite places to buy?
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Can anyone suggest some Australia (preferably Qld) aftermarket sites?

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when you get there, email them what you are interested in and your make, model etc... and they WILL give you the best prices anywhere!

So does anyone know of Australian based websites for aftermarket parts??

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Try www.roadrocket.com.au
or www.maw.com.au
there's just a few Australian ones.

I find Roadrocket quite good ,then again its only 30 min from home <img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>

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Thanks for the sites mario...

Who needs more cubes?
Oh yeh one more Aust site
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