I purchased this muffler with the intentions of eventually adding a link pipe. I was not aware the muffler had a baffle that is not meant to be removed. The muffler is EC/ECE/EPA compliant. The muffler only has 100 miles but that might go up as the muffler is still on the motorcycle. Excellent condition as it has not been on long enough nor had the time to accumulate any wear.

Reason for sale is I currently plan on leaving the bike stock for a while and this muffler is not all that much louder than the stock muffler unless paired with the mid pipe or akra headers. I also do not want to tear the muffler apart to attempt to try and remove the baffle. The muffler was already installed and the bike had been ran before I realized the baffle was not meant to be removed so I could not just return it at that point. PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE.
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