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Oups, still can't post in the 250R section :(

I'll describe my problems here in hope you guys have ideas for me!

Here we go:

My bike is brand new, 2010 special edition with only 2.4 miles on it. The issue is that I dont see any oil in the little window. Its really empty and Im wondering if its normal.. I turned on the engine for 10 minutes this week-end and It was running pretty good with no suspucious sound though. Anyone know if this is normal or not?

Second issue:

When my bike is idling in neutral and i give it some gaz, its totaly ok.
When my bike is idling in neutral, I hold the clutch and i give it some gaz, everything is fine.
But when the bike is idling in 1st gear and im holding the clutch. When I give some gaz, its just shutting down. I have to give gaz realllllllllllllly reaaallly slowly in order to not stall. Can this be normal for a brand new bike?

Sorry about my english writing and tanks alot for the answers!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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