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Shane and I returned to Willow Springs since it was another Kawasaki Contingency event. Everything went well with some Hiccups, but all in all a good weekend. Shane won the 20 lap solo race in the GTU class but also finished first overall against the 1000cc bikes (they ran the races together). He had a great battle with a Suzuki 1K bike and managed to repass on the last lap and make it stick. They came across the line with Shane in front by .3 seconds.
Shane was 3rd in 600 Mod Prod and 600 Superstock and they were tougher efforts facing Karl Lowry, and Brant WiWi riding very fast in the superstock class. Then facing Karl again and Fabrice Wilder in the Mod Prod. The hardest race for Shane was 600 superbike with Karl Lowry, Jeff Tigert, Brant Wiwi and then Shane just off the podium in 4th.
We did find out the Medium Dunlop is a great tire out there at Willow. Race it, flip it and race it again. Now back to the drawing board, need to rebuild a tranny, and get the bikes ready for another race weekend. Oh and we should have an on bike Youtube up of the last race of the day 600 SuperStock.

Here is the youtube of the race. Bad film, old so a lot of artifacts and the sound skips some. You can see why we are rebuilding the tranny. He got a great start but couldn't get it out of second gear to third and passed by about 8 guys, he had to put his head down to get up to third. He was hitting false neutrals downshifting. Poor tranny has seen 24 race weekends.

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