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Any coolant I should or shouldn't use ?

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I was at the bike shop yesturday and saw they have a ton of different "motorcycle" coolants. I was just going to put normall everyday car coolant (Yes, meant for aluminum radiators) mixed with 50% distilled water. I was going to include one 12 OZ bottle of Watter Wetter in also.

Anyone had any trouble with any coolant or one that they feel is the best. and any info or comments on including one 12 oz bottle of that watter wetter in the mix?
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I don't know if I would run Water Wetter with anti-freeze.

Anyway, any green anti-freeze will work fine. Your bike came with green anti-freeze from the factory and they are all basically the same. I am using Prestone.
Being a newbie I have a copy of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Motorcycling" which I happened to be reading the other day and came across this warning about antifreeze for your motorcycle, "Be extra careful about what kind of antifreeze you use in your motorcycle. Automotive contains silica, an abrasive designed to keep the cooling system polished inside. This abrasive can damage a motorcycle's water pump, leading to engine failure and expensive repairs." This book was written by the editors of Motorcyle magazine so I imagine they know what they're talking about. The book I have is a little old (1998), I don't know if that would make any difference but I would look into a motorcycle specific coolant if it were me. My bikes due to have the cooling system flushed out so when I do get it done I'm putting in antifreeze specifically for bikes.
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All green anti-freeze contains silicates. This is an old wives tale that has been floating around for a long time. If you want silicate free anti-freeze you will have to use the orange stuff. The factory, however, thought the green stuff was O.K. and so do I.
Why would you NOT want to run water wetter? That stuf always shaves off several degrees. Great stuff if you ask me.
MaDgamer you run all water wetter, or 50/50 with water/or 1/3 water/ 1/3 W.W 1/3 anti-freeze ect...?
I was thinking about 1 12oz bottle of WW then 50%Water 50% the green stuff.
Use RMI25 and distilled water. I've been using it in my buick for the past year or so. with a 160* stat in traffic with the fans on high. the buicks temp would read 165-170 on my digital scanner. thats considered GOOD!!!! on just regular coolant and water, with fans on high...in traffic...temps would go up to 190-200. I'm gonna change the coolant to RMI25 as soon as the parts store restocks them. GOOD STUFF!! A lot of hardcore drag racers that drive their car on a daily basis use this and swear by it.
I would not recommend using any coolant that is not specifically designed for aluminum engines. Regular automobile coolant I do not think has the proper rust inhibitors that a coolant for aluminum engines requires.

And remember coolant made for an aluminuim engine is a lot different than coolant made for an aluminum radiator, so don't let the terminology fool you.

If you use any water at all, make sure it's distilled. And don't trust service station distilled water, I have heard many stations will just fill the distilled tank with water from the tap. So buy specifically sealed distilled water, or go the easy route and purify your own.

I don't know a thing about Water Wetter, but I notice it is pretty popular with members of this site.

I use Coolanol Bike/ATV coolant. The track and shop guys around here swear by it.

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You have not been keeping up with automobile technology. Most engines now have aluminum components and nearly all radiators are aluminum. My wife's car (2000 Crown Victoria) has aluminum heads, aluminum water pump and aluminum radiator. It came with green anti-freeze and actually warns against using the orange stuff.

If you read the label on the green Prestone is states that it is safe for aluminum radiators and engines.

Some products that are designed to replace coolant for track days such as Water Wetter and Engine Ice don't provide protection against freezing and don't have the lubricating and anti-corrosive properties of anti-freeze.
Use a coolant containing rust or corrosion inhibitors designed for aluminum, and mix with distilled water (50/50 is good)... should have zero problems, as the manual suggests. I'm personally running Prestone like SW is, and you can even buy the pre-mixed small bottles at your local auto supply place, so you don't need to mix the distilled in.

If you're planning on a track day though, might want to look at their specific rules. Some tracks around these parts won't allow coolant on track...
Just flushed out my entire collant system and boy was it a bitch.
But anyway I wound up buying Prestones extended life 5year/150,000 Pink Antifreeze. GM DEX-COOL formula. It said right on the container that it is meant for alluminum and it said that it contains no silicas, for vehicles whos water pump can not handle them. So apparently Silicas can damage water pumps and their seals. I also bought Prestones Distilled water and I used 6 oz.s of Watter Wetter. The bike runs great and is very happy.
Oh yeah just a side note I went to the dealership today also. I looked at all their different coolants as well. EVERY SINGLE one of them said that Thier "special" formula if meant for motorcycles because it contains no silicas. Then they went on to say some stuff about how silicas were bad for the pump seals. I really dont know if this is true or just marketing. But the Prestone coolant I bought was only $1 more than the other one so I can sleep well tonight.
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The orange stuff will probably work fine. I doesn't contain silicates but all green anti-freeze does. The only motorcycles that seem to have had a problem is some Hondas quite a few years back with their waterpump seals.

The deal with the orange stuff is that it has a additive package that works much longer than that in the green stuff. I use the orange stuff in my old Chevy truck and it works fine. With the green stuff the additives are depleted after a couple of years and it requires changing. Most cars now seem to come with the orange stuff because of the push for long maintenance intervals. Like I said earlier, my wife's Ford came with the green stuff although it has a mostly aluminum engine with a warning not to use the orange stuff. Go figure.
I"m pretty sure the only bikes that ever got damage water pumps from antifreeze was Goldwings. I read this somewhere. Apparently you had to buy special antifreeze from Honda for the Goldwings.

I have never heard of it hurting any other bike using plain green antifreeze with distilled water...
I replaced my antifreeze about three weeks ago, and a good friend of mine who happens to work at the local dealership, told me to make sure that whatever antifreeze I used didn't have silicates in it. He didn't say exactly why, but I trust him, and haven't had any problems with the bike so far.
Oh forgot to say, the only thing I didnt like about that watter wetter stuff was that when I shook the bottle (just a little bit) the bottle completley foamed up. But since it is dilutted so much in antifreeze and water I guess that would help with it foaming up from the water pump.
Green anti-freeze works just fine. I went to a dealership and the guy said you can use regular coolant. Just as long as it was meant for aluminum. He even recommended the prestone so that's what i got.
ok ok, this is worse than the oil debate...

Anyone knoe the facts, I just changed my coolant and used the green stuff that was safe for aluminum engines, but it does have silicants in it...Should I flush and use the ornage stuff?

Anyone have issues with their bike and using the green stuff? It came with the green stuff from the factory...
You can safely use green coolant in your bike. Kawasaki have had no problem with it.
Thanks Rob...
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