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Still a newbie here so i tought i'd start my own tread for the 636 owners. What do you have for mods on your bike or planning on putting? I have to admit i went a little crazy on mine since i got it and bought a few.
So here's the list :

Hyperpro RSC streering damper
Scorpio alarm
Clear alternative front clear signal light
Clear alternative rear intergrated signal light
BMC air filter
Akrapovik slip-on
No cut frame sliders
Harri's ZX carbon grip
Tank protector..
Swing arm spools/sliders

Planning on puting the power comander this winter with a custom map
vortex -1 front and +1 rear sprocket
set cowl
and maybe do something for decals or paint

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Yeah man been down the road of modding BIGTIME...

Depending on what you are doing with your bike, -CS sprocket will be more then enough...unless you want to wheelie everywhere and be revving at like 8000RPM at 65Mph

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whoa slow down dude....nevermind, i'd do the same if i had the cash...but seriously be careful

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GPR stabilizer
Ohlins triple clicker shock
Thermosman reworked forks
full Yosh exhaust (carbon can)
Dyno-jet power commander
K&N air filter
NGK ix plugs
Pro-tek rearsets
Woodcraft case covers
Goodridge ss brakelines
Woodcraft clip-ons
06 SE wheels
wave rotors
RK XSO chain with lots of diff. sprockets
Shark Skinz bodywork
Pazzo shorty levers
Vortex gas cap
Vortex frame sliders
Stomp grip tank pads
Pit-bull spools
and I'm sure there is more that I'm forgetting about
you can realy dump alot of money into a bike

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Holy shit someone with almost as many mods as me, i am truly impressed...
Hopefully you get more riding time in then i do though...
This coming year i will be doing ALOT of track days...should be able to get in on about 2 a month for sure, as i will actually not be in a deployable unit..HELL YEAH!!!!!

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636_EMR -> I wouldn't say you've gone overboard at all. That list seems like the basic list of mods people do to their bikes...that's like your average stage of modding.

I have:
HH Scintered pads
Removed spacer clip in calipers for better feel
SS braided front brake lines, split at the master cylinder
Tuned suspension
Scotts steering damper
SilverStar low and high beams
BMC Race filter
Resized velocity stacks
Properly gapped platinum spark plugs
Matched & flow mapped fuel injectors
Scott's SS oil filter
Royal Purple full synthetic oil
Sato Rearsets (now crappy Vortex)
Akrapovic Evolution full titanium exhaust
SS rear brake line
Dyno tuned map for PCIII
Scorpio alarm
Flush-mount front signals
Custom fender eliminator
Removed chainguard portion of hugger
14/42 (-1 / +2) Renthal UltraLite sprockets
520 DID X-ring chain
50 water / 50 water wetter

I'm cooling off my upgrades though because I'm planning on trading in for the 07 6R, so I'll have to start the whole process over again.

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Integrated Blue Turn Signals
Bertja's FE
Euro Blue Front Turn Signals
No Cut Frame Sliders with Blue Caps
Blue Seat Cowl
Removed Passanger Pegs
Dunlop Qualifiers

All purely cosmetic mods so far. Once I get cash I'm lookin for a slip-on (not sure which one yet), race windshield (again, not sure what kind yet) and paint my wheels orange.

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2006 ZX636SE Bought this X-mas.

Leo Carbon 1/2 System
Tail Integrator
Vortex Clip On's
Woodcraft Rearsets
Renthal Grips
1/4 Turn Throttle
Goodridge Brake Lines
Renthal Superlight Sprockets+2 in the rear.
Carbon Knee Gaurds,Inner Fairings,Tank Pad and Front Fender.
Seat Cowl
Rider Seat Covered in Suede.
Vortex Aluminum Quick Turn Fuel Cap.
Harris-Gubillini Damper.
D.I.D VM Gold Chain.
T-REX font and rear stands.
Mich-Pilot Race Dual Compounds are the biscuits I carve with.

-Thats so far within a month:
PVM Rims should be shipping here on the 15th from Germany.I have waited for a while for these Bastids.
And Race Tech Gold Valves are on order.
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