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Any younger riders in Toronto?

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Jus got my 98 ZX6R last week. Its SICK!!!:D

The previous owner, a really nice guy from Newmarket, added a nice touch to the bike. Green Neon lights, hell, it looks great at nite.

Wonderin if there any younger riders, like under 20 in Toronto willin to go for rides every now and then.

[email protected]

Lighten up the street Green, dats me[^]
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You better be careful with those lights! The cops are cracking down on street racing and they look for things like that, they think it makes you a racer.:(
Thx for the advice, is tru. But generally they are cool as long as you dont do anything really stupid. Today at nite I whizzed by one at like 80 in a 50 zone, did not know he was there till it was too late. I slowed down back to 60, and he did not even bother chasin or anything. Cud have been luck though
I am 26 and in T dot O, is that still young?[V]
not at all, jus dat I guess im young. I dun really care bout the age. Lets hook up for a ride!!
I'm 25 and I'll ride! I've been trying to organize a ninja ride in TO... but no luck. :(
im down for a ninja ride.... im 22 im ready to ride weather permitting
holla at me at [email protected]
U cant be down if u gonna ride the pink scooter thou, lol. jus kiddin. Newayz, now that more ppl are down for this, any ideas where to go?
just cruise around town and then pass through the club district and pick up some biatchs!
lol!! Sounds good man.. Richmond street area, I guess?
Why don't you guys ever come down to the Kingston/Ottawa area... we have some SICK roads around here. I mean, if the corners and twists don't get your hear pumping, the lack or road maintenance and wild life in your way will!
A Ninja ride in Toronto. I'm definately down for that.
23 yrs old here.

[email protected]
Any of you torono riders wanna meet up in montreal? Hit up St.Catherines. Rent some rooms and bring back some bitches.
I'm 20, with a green 99 with green neons as well.[8D]
Im down with G2 ride around and pick up Bizrods [:M12]
22 hamilton
Can a 28 yr old, blonde, 5"11 female join the ride? [:X]
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