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Anybody in the Mass/Boston area?

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I'm new to the board. Picked up a 2000 zx6r last fall. Anybody want to get together for rides this summer[?] I have Wednesday and Thursday off and almost any night.
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I'm only over the border in Portsmouth (I just purchased mine last fall too) -- but I work M-F, from 5 am to 7 pm.... I only have weekends to ride, ride, ride. But I have some buddies (not ZX6R riders) in Plymouth, who I will go down regularly to ride with. Let me know if you're interested!

'01 Yellow ZX-6R
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I'm definately interested. I have a few friends that are also not ZX6R riders in the Kingston area. They've ridden with some guys from Plymouth. Maybe they are your friends[?] Send me an e-mail if you are going to be in the area. Also, maybe this summer we can all come up to NH. I hear you have some nice roads to ride up there.
What's up I'm from Boston (Ok actually Somerville) and I just got my ZX6R last winter also (was there a sale or something). Anyway, I'd like to hook up for some rides on the weekend also. I'm getting my bike out of storage this weekend so anytime after that I'm down. My email is [email protected]

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If the weather cooperates I'll be riding to work (Yale Electric, Dorchester) I get out at 5pm and could get together then. Other than that I also work 12-5 on Sundays:( Hopefully we can get together in a few weeks. I won't be riding in until the mornings are a little warmer.
yeah, so we got f*ckin' SNOW tonight!! It was warmer than hell (well, 70 anyway) this past Saturday and I didn't ride. I have my bike stored in the BACK of my brother's garage and once it's out, it's out (good thing, 'cause my little Dowco cover would be topped with SNOW now!). I know that Mother Nature still has some cold weather ahead, so I've been biting my "riding tongue" and sucking it up. But soon enough I tell you, soon enough.

I would love the chance to ride with you all -- we have some KICKASS rides from here to Vermont & Maine & in between! Anyway, my plan is getting my baby out on the 12th -- gimme an email after that and we'll ride, ride, ride!

'01 Yellow ZX-6R
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Mother Nature strikes again[:0]
I'm supposed to be getting 6-10" tonight:(
Hopefully we'll get some warm weather soon. Luckily my father has a heated garage:D So my baby stays warm and dry.
You guys are lucky. I took my bike out of storeage last Mon (to avoid paying another month storage fee and WTF it's going to snow like 6 in. today.

We be ridin' Ninja 600's never Harleys kid
Hey I also live in PA, Near Reading, Or Lancaster...... around there.. just got a 2000 zx6-r with full carbon fiber muzzys kit and stage 1 jet kit. Dynoed at 104.5hp at the wheel... Looking for people to ride with!!! if anyone is interested email me at [email protected] or leave a message on AIM (x93scortgtx)

Pennsylvania is a little far for me, but if you're going to be in eastern Massachusetts let me know. [email protected]
Hey, I live in Quincy, just got an 03 636. The Blue Hills is getting a little stale, e me for any rides. I can go most nights and weekends for lonoger rips. Later. KP [email protected]

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Hi all, I'm over the border in NH but I am from the SS, Cohasset to be exact and would definitely be up for a ride in May. Go kick some 750 ass, hehe.

'03 636 black
I'm from boston as well. E-mail me with any ride plans.

[email protected]
close to the boston area. Lowell to be exact. Drop me a line here if your interested.
wow this topic was dead for a while.

Hey guys, check the "Sun. Ride in NH" thread and see if you'd be interested in a Sat or Sun ride in Aug. My email is there if anyone wants to try and get this going.
im right smack in Boston. lets hook up for a ride up north.

I'm in New Bedford, MA about 30mins from RI and wondering if any other riders from around the area. Thanks
I'm from West Warwick. I'm gonna try to get some people together in the spring if your up for it.
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