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anyone else??????????????

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so i got my targa seat cowl today, of course the paint is off a little bit. But now i notice that my hotbodies undertail is one yellow, the rear cowl is another yellow, and the seat cowl is another yellow!! I have 3 yellows in one spot.......anyone else have this problem???[V]
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i have the rear seat vynyl cover and the real cowla diffrent yellow. i painted the bike yellow and the paint was a little off kawasaki's factory color. i dealed with it, but i always look at the tail first.
damn gary i didnt know it was that noticble in the green. I guess its just gonna take some getting used to. The cowl even almost flew off today when i was riding you gotta make sure that thing is fastened down
YES!!! I have the exact same issue. I ordered my Targa Seat Cowl and it was a little lighter then my 02 yellow, I ordered a hotbodies undertail and it was way off. Through riding it looks like the seat cowl has turned more into the correct shade of yellow (maybe its the sun or something) but the undertail is way off and im just gonna keep it like that until I decide to sand it and paint it myself with the correct color.

Youre not the only one.
Anyone have the Targa cowl for an '02 passion red Ninja?

How well does it match?

I wonder if Gary just got a bad cowl, because I've seen one Targa cowl in person, green and it matched dead on. Bike was a few years old though.

My undertail (Pyramid) matched perfectly, though my hugger (Eurobikes) is slightly off.

Don't the Targas come unpainted, so you can just paint it to match the exact color of the bike?
You can get either painted or unpainted.

My bike was completely garage kept and only saw sun on rides and the cowl was fresh out of the box.
yeah i talked to the guy at targa today and he said that kawi would not allow exact replication of their paint on the cowls. Those seat skin things look really nasty. I have had the cowl on now for a week and it is actually getting closer to the color of the bike, ill post pics asap
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