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Well, the day has come...I sold my 1998 zx6-r, and am headed over to the dirtbike side of the two wheeled world. The streetbike just wasn't fitting in with my life style at the moment and I can't affod to do as many track days as I would like to. Anyways, I kept the custom cowl I had made and did a write-up on a while back about how it was made.


Since I got so much usefull info on this section of the web sight I decided to throw it up for grabs here so all the old school guys would have a chance to get it. I don't know if there is a demand for these any more, but make me an offer. It is probably the best fitting cowl you'll ever see, still in primer as i never got around to painting it.

Let me know if your interested.

I'm thinking somwhere around 200 bucks would be fair, but i'm not sure. Make me an offer.
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