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Found out my tps is bad and dont feel like paying $100+ for a new one when i see lots of used ones on ebay that look the exact same. Just dont see any used for for my model

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According to partzilla's online fiche, the '06 Z750S uses the same TPS as these other models -


2003 ZR1000-A1 Z1000 THROTTLE (A1)
2003 ZR1000-A1H Z1000 (European) THROTTLE (A1H)
2003 ZX600-K1 Ninja ZX-6RR THROTTLE
2003 ZX636-B1 Ninja ZX-6R THROTTLE
2004 ZR1000-A2 Z1000 THROTTLE (A2-A3)
2004 ZR1000-A2H Z1000 (European) THROTTLE (A2H-A3H)
2004 ZX1200-B3 Ninja ZX-12R THROTTLE (B3-B4)
2004 ZX600-M1 Ninja ZX-6RR THROTTLE
2004 ZX636-B2 Ninja ZX-6R THROTTLE
2005 ZR1000-A3 Z1000 THROTTLE (A2-A3)
2005 ZR1000-A3H Z1000 (European) THROTTLE (A2H-A3H)
2005 ZR750-K1 Z750S THROTTLE
2005 ZX1200-B4 Ninja ZX-12R THROTTLE (B3-B4)
2005 ZX600-N1 Ninja ZX-6RR THROTTLE
2005 ZX636-C1 Ninja ZX-6R THROTTLE
2006 ZR1000A6F Z1000 THROTTLE
2006 ZR1000A6F Z1000 (European) THROTTLE
2006 ZR750K6F Z750S THROTTLE
2006 ZX1200B6F Ninja ZX-12R (European) THROTTLE
2006 ZX600N6F Ninja ZX-6RR THROTTLE
2006 ZX636C6F Ninja ZX-6R THROTTLE
2006 ZX636D6F Ninja ZX-6R THROTTLE
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