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Artiemack's Bike (Art - ZX6R Admin)

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So far only Muzzy Oval Carbon Fiber Slip-On. More mods in the future when I get more $$ =)

Top pix is my bike and my girlfriend's Ninja ex250.

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what photo effect did you use. looks like it would go would with my yellow one too:D

btw, clean 01;)
wait a minute, this is another old thread[V]

ive been tricked again by falconeight
WHat's up with all the old threads pulled up lately?

hey, he's on a posting frenzy
Maaan, that red is beautiful :D
Who is artiemack! Did he take over from gary!?!?!? ;)
Originally posted by DEZixxer
Who is artiemack! Did he take over from gary!?!?!? ;)
No. I think Artie and Localbar started the forum together, and then gave it (or sold it?) to gary. Artie is member #2 in case you didn't notice, and he only has 136 posts. I haven't seen him on here in a long time.
Yup, Me and Art started this board together, one day I typed in zx6r.com and nothing came up so I bought the url and we created the original green board. It grew beyond what we could ever expect and our homemade webserver was not able to handle the load anymore. I met Gary while I was on business trip over in Denver CO. Very cool guy.

He was interested in developing the site and he grew this board into what it is today. Without Gary this board would have died and you all would be posting on zx6r.org

Since then I lost my passion for developing the site, mainly due to lack of time. I pretty much lost interest in posting on message boards all together. My job had a lot of cuts so we're all doing the work of 3 people. I don't see as much free time as I used to. And at home forghettabout it.. I have a new house and a pregnant wife to tend to, I literally sleep 5 hours a day and I still don't have enough time in the day. (man what it would be like to be back in college or even better 7 years old again)

I can't speak for Art's disappearance but at least he still has his zx6r. I sold all my bikes expect for my wife's ninja 250 (that bike I will never sell) Winter time Art's all into Snowboarding, summer time he's into motorcycling. He's still around, he was never much of a poster or a board regular. He just likes the fact that he can say he "owns" zx6r.com when he runs into other zx6r folks. But without him this board wouldn't have made it into Gary's hands.

All I can say is WOW!!! I never thought we would have over 100K posts. Anyone know where I can find a message board for how to be a good Dad?
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HAHAHAH...LOCALBAR CAME BACK! Wow...I've never posted to you before, but your handle is legendary! Welcome to the NEW board ;);)

That was a great little history lesson though. Who woulda thunk that that is how it all started...

I love this website and not a day goes by when I don't check it (mod's don't check me on the validity of that comment ;) )
Outstanding I remember talking to localbar back when this site was green and yellow peace pops!
Hey all.. I'm still around here.. and yes I still have my ZX6R... Haven't been riding it much cus I got into an accident last summer but it has been repaired and repainted.. I'll post up pics of the finish product..

Gary's done a great job of taking of over the site from us and fixing it up. As Dave mentioned I've been involved in doing a bunch of other things so I hardly have time to maintain the site anymore. Just trying to keep up w/ all the posts is hard enough. :D

But I'm glad to see that our site is up and running stronger than ever and in good hands! And hello to all the new members...
Damn falconeight, you got the old dudes coming back out of the woodwork. :D

Peace guys, you started a great thing and -gary has carried on well.
There was more porn when they were in charge.:DBut the site still is cool.
Wait a sec. If Artie is member #2, and localbar is member #3, then who is member #1? I'll restate that question for the sickos on here; Who is the #1 member?
Thank you guys for creating this site for all of us to enjoy!
neo, he was ...the one..lol
I am the #1 Member, the silent partner!

and yes - I do ride a pink scooter
This is getting kinda creepy...[:0]
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