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Now, I KNOOOOW that this topic probably has a TON of threads and DIY, being the newbie that I am and absolutely terrible at finding anything I need on forums, I figured I would try my luck here to see if anyone of you guys could point me in the right direction preferably with a link??? :D

So, here it goes:

HID kits for 650r??? Where do I go to find some info and DIY's? I have seen numerous kits on Ebay for between $30-$150 and I went down to my local Kawasaki dealership the other day and they said they could order them and install them $150 for the order and $60prhr labor. IF this is something I can figure out on my own I would gladly try.

Like I said, I know this topic probably has a slew of posts, but I am retarded when it comes to searching on forums. Don't ask why.

Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys! Safe riding.
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