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The time has come, we've had these Bell Stars here for a few months but weren't able to disclose the exact details. We're doing the Hess, Day of the Dead, and the non-carbon Cerwinskie for $399 to your door in the US! These are SNELL 2010 with the updated fit (order your normal size). We went deep but we've sold quite a few already over the phones. Give me a shout DIRECT at Ext. 210!.

We're talking best in the business air flow, top level aerodynamics, FOG FREE visors, and super plush cheekpads. Don't forget these are the only helmets on the market that have the Transitions Photochromatic visors (sold seperately). Never have to change your visor again!

Cerwinskie (non-carbon). Ext. 210!

Day of the Dead. I guarantee you don't have a graphic like this at home. Ext. 210!

Hess (my favorite). Matte graphic, tons of detail. Ext. 210!

When i say we went deep i mean it, just ask my warehouse guys. They just about killed Brian when the semi truck showed up. Each one of these boxes has 6 helmets in it and this is about half the batch.

Ext. 210!
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