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Best Akrapovic Bolt-on prices?

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For my '02 I found the carbon bolt-on can for
$8.00 s&h


The website says 25.00 shipping,
but I called and got the 8 dollar quote.
By the way they were the guy was really cool to talk to,
and the best price I could find. (I will pay more money at places with quality customer service.)

I called 6 other places and they ALL quoted me 495.00
and didn't really seem to want my business. The most popular
statement was "uh Akrapovic....uh...yea I can order it."
I even had one guy tell me it would be quicker to get it from his supplier, Lockhart Phillips. That was at a Kawi Stealership though.

It just seems weird that only one place was really interested in my 500 bucks with our economy the way it is.

Ok, I'm done.
I didn't even see the soap box when I started this post.


"Arguing over the internet is like competing in the special olympics;
you may win, but you're still retarded." ~Marine 1/26/03~
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errr nevermind man, sorry about that...when i bought mine is only $415 there.
I keep reading that bcause of exchange rates, Akra exhausts are gonna be more expensive for a while. That price you got quoted sounds good.

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