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Kawasaki 2005 zx6r
So my bike has been sitting in my garage for 3-4 years. I bought it with 7k on it. Used it every so often and it now has about 11k. I'm currently doing the necessary steps to get my back in running condition. Bought a new battery, cleaned fuel tank and took apart fuel pump and cleaned off the corrosion and got a fuel injector cleaner for my next full tank. Did a complete oil change, and bought 4 new spark plugs and poured 2 tablespoons in each.

Problem: brake lines/master cylinder/bleeding
Everything's already off. I read, start with the master cylinder and bleed from top down. Bought a 7 dollar one man hand pump with tubing at autozone to bleed. Don't want to buy 40 equip to bleed. So to begin, my aftermarket front break is spongy and very loose. I pull it in with absolutely no resistance and it can easily touch the handle bar. Connected my pump, used a 8mm to turn bleeder screw. Opened screw, pulled brake in with no effort at all) closed screw, release brake.
No fluid is running through the tubes. Tried for a hr and felt like I was wasting my time since this brake is super loose. I wanted to check the bleeder screw next to the right caliper to see of fluid came out there. Repead the process and probably 6 black drops of old black brake fluid Slowly came out and stopped. Tried to repeat opening and closing the brake and screw but no more oil was coming out. Returned back up to the MC attempted to get oil out. Tube is dry as the desert. My reservoir was still completely full with brake fluid from years ago.

So basically I'm stuck with new dot4 and supplies I need to do the jpb but no oil.

What I still need to do:
Hopefully my air filter and chain is still good.just needs to be oiled up. Hoping my break pads and tires are still ok. I will change these if I need to.
Still need to flush my radiator and put new coolant

Am I missing anything?
Appreciate any feedback on how to get my ninja back to tip top shape.
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