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I just wanted to start off by saying hi. My name is Bob, and I just got into bikes.

I recently bought a parts car and they couldn't get the trunk open and they had no idea what was in there. So when I got home I pried it open and I found 2 frames in there (crazy and sounds like it couldn't happen but it's true) there is a 11/97 jkaexmf1 and a 02/01 jkaexmf1 frame, that's all. And first off I wanted to know what "trim" it would be, if I could find out or do I pretty much have a clean slate? Because I know that they had a EX250-F, EX250-G, and an EX250-H, or even if it's a 500R instead of a 250R.

So if anyone could help me that would be great.

Thank you

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