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Bike run to Box Hill and the south coast

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A bike run of three motorcyclists who all support Queens Park Rangers Football Club - 16th March 2003

Box Hill in Surrey.

Ian soaking up the sunshine!

Peace man!!

Yamaha V-Max

After half an hour or so, we venture forth at great speed, errr, haste to Bury Hill further down the A29.

Notice the military vehicle in the background.... "Ere mate, Iraq is the other way!!!"

Not as many bikes as at Box Hill, but plenty of stunts on show.

All three bikes. From left to right; Juzzie's Kawasaki ZX6-R, Ian's Honda CBX1100 Blackbird and Ric's Honda Valarado 1000cc V-twin

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I live on Box Hill. Get off my land, Bloody Tourists!!:D

Love the A29 great run to Bury Hill, just watch out for the local plod as they are not very friendly to bikers. Got points to prove it.[V]

Ban All Guns, of yeah and Clogs while your at it.
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