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Bought a used 2000 zx6r last week and everything worked great until one day i was riding for 30 minutes and suddenly it died down as if out of fuel.
Wouldnt start up immediatly so i got picked up and went to buy a new battery and after installing i managed to get home.

Found out it wasnt the battery because fuel comes back after a few minutes of resting, then it starts fine.
Is it the fuel pump? Fuel pump relay? Petcock valve flow stuck?
I went over the bike today and only oddity i noticed was the air filter was flipped so it looked clean from outside but inside was super dirty. Checked air and fuel hoses and they seemed solid in place.
Could potentially be a stator problem? But prolly not because the battery seems fine, and the bike still starts up fairly easily.
Any ideas on what i could check to fix this?
Im considering buying new pump and relay. Fuel, air and oil filter already on the way.
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