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Bike won't start...

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Okay so today i shimmed my needles and pulled my snorkel. when i was done i put the tank on and started my bike to make sure it was good to go. it fired up and ran for about a minute then i shut it off, put the fairings back on, and headed out for a ride. i was going to a gas station to fill up because i was low on gas. i was about there when the bike started to cut out on me and died. i am damn near positive that i ran out of gas, but when i filled her up it wouldn't start and i had to push it back to my place..

some guy at the gas station said that maybe i did something to a spark plug and need to pop them out and clean them? anything helps!

also, its an 09
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did you put the tank on "prime"
idk what that thing is called but its on the left side of the bike
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yeah i put it one prime for a little bit after i filled up but i still got nothing
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