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Yesterday I went on a ride with some friends. Before we left we stopped to fill up. I usually put regular unleaded in the tank. Read something about fuel burning ratio or some crap and figured regular was the way to go.

They put money on the tank and didn't use it all and kinda passed the hose around until everyone was full. Not sure what they used, but I'm pretty sure it was the high grade stuff.

Made our way up to a bikers bbq which was about an hour away. Definately a good ride.

On the way back, we stopped again to fill up. I swiped my own card and pumped regular. Made the way back. Hauling ass. One guy got a 95+ ticket, but that's another story.

Get back home and I take a power nap. Wake up and decide it's time for me to head home. Start the bike and everything is cool. As I'm putting on my helmet, it dies. I try to start it and nothing.

The guys come out and are like "WTF". They try to start it as if I don't know how to press a button. Then they try to clutch start it. Nothing. I wait about an hour and come back and try to start it. It starts, but it's mis-firing pretty bad. I have to hold down the throttle just so it doesn't cut out again.

I figured since it's started, I'd try to get it home. Just a short trip around the block. I make it home with about 3 stalls. Fires back up everytime, but still spurttering.

This morning, I got out and start her up again, and it's still sputtering.

Any idea what this could be? One guy said spark plugs. A guy this morning said fuel injection. I'm not even sure if it is fuel injected. Kinda sad huh? That I know absolutely nothing about my bike.

Anyway, help please.

Edit: 06 ZX6R
Power Commander

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05? zx6r? than yeh, its EFI.

but sounds like some bad gas.
drain the tank, and refill with some good gas, REGULAR is FINE. the grade of fuel isnt whats causing the problem.

maybe pull the plugs. check the air cleaner.
have either been changed?
do you have a pc3? maybe try reloading the map, if uve got one.

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Could not be firing all 4 cylinders. Def check/replace the spark plugs like nevada said and get some fresh gas.
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