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I hope I'm not violating forum rules by cross-posting this to the standards section, but I'm really needing answers.

I just picked up a 2022 Z650RS, and I really love it, but I'd like to reduce some of the lean jerkiness at low speeds.

I really wasn't looking for a complete reflash or a Power Commander setup, just maybe the 6% enrichment claimed by Booster Plug.

However, when writing the company, they responded

"Thanks for your email.

I’m sorry, but we will not be able to develop and launch a BoosterPlug for your Euro 5.
The new emission regulations that are enforced on the Euro 5 bikes are effectively blocking the BoosterPlug (and other fuel injection improvement devices) from making your bike better and safer to ride."

A user on the Z650 forum stated that I can indeed use the BP (part # A205) on my bike with no problems. My bike is a US model, if that matters.

BP also states installation will create a PERMANENT engine code.

I'm asking if anyone here has tried a BP on the newer Kawasakis, and what your experiences were.

Again, not looking to make major changes, just a tiny more fuel and my world will be right.

As a curious side note, BP states my bike will not work with fuel injection improvement devices, but Dynojet says their Power Commander 6 will work.

Thanks for your help!
Tucson, AZ
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