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brake pads?????

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Hey everyone! Im new to this site and want to know which brake pads are excellent for a 00'zx-6r. Also, want to know which brake pads do the 00' currently carry. I heard of EBC, FERODO, SPIEGLER, ETC..but there is too much to list, so want to know from a few which is highly recommended. Keep in mind it's for a street bike not track bike. Thanks and Cool Website. [8]
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I run EBC brakes on my bike along with most of the people I ride with. I don't remember which version I have, I knmow its one under the full race brake. Im getting ready to put my 3rd set of brakes on and will use EBC again.

2001 ZX-6R
EBC HH pads are decent pads at a reasonable price. They are also widely available. Pads are one of those personal preference things like oil. Everyone has a favorite brand.
The only thing I would look into is that some give off more brake dust than others.

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The EBC HH sintered pad is a popular choice. Because of its hard initial bite, many riders do not also try other, better pads.

I prefer the Performance Friction 95 compound pad. It has a softer initial bite, but much more feel and less drag. Other PFC compounds have a harder initial bite.

According to Chuck Graves of Graves Motorsports fame, the PFC pads are the best they have tested. Check out his take on r1-forum.com.

You can get inexpensive PFC pads at nationalfleetparts.com.
Interesting, I will look into those pads when it is time for new pads. How long do the factory pads usually last?

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Originally posted by csoto23

How long do the factory pads usually last?
Pad life varies with riding style. Both pads in a caliper should be replaced as a set when the lining thickness of either pad is less than the 1-mm service limit.
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