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Break In

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Just wanted to know how people broke in their new 6r? Some people ride their bike very hard and others follow the manual to the letter. I have a brand new 6r and I have tried to keep the rpms around 4k for the first 500 miles but its kind of hard. Although I have not gone past 6k rpms during the first 500miles. Anyway just wanna know how 6r owners broke in their's in. <img src=icon_smile_8ball.gif border=0 align=middle>
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It was a long time ago but I think I listened to the break in to the tee for the first 30 miles or so... After that It was more like no more then half throttle.

Actually I was pretty good about breaking it in, but if you think breaking in this bike is hard try breaking in a Ninja 250 - HOLY FUCK 6th gear 4000 rmps and youre going a whopping 35 mph. Its a killer.

The zx6r should be a walk in the park =)
Well, I tried a different break in procedure where you break the bike in hard. I read about it on another website. It envolved high revs at the lower gears and plenty of heat cycles. I'm not saying that this is right but after I read the article it made sense to me thats why I chose to break it in this way.
I followed the manufacturer reccomended break in completely. At the time it seemed like it took forever, but looking back I think it was a great way to really get used to the bike before lettin her rip.
keeping it below 4000rpm, in my opinion, is not only going to be a massive headache for you as a rider but also puts you in the area where you are labouring the engine - a very, very, very bad thing for any motor, let alone a new one being run in. The thing to remember is high revs doesn't have to equal high load and it's high load that you need to avoid during break in. It glazes bores and can scour big end bearings.

This worked for my y2k model

- under 6k rpm for first 400km (you can do the miles conversion)
- then an extra 1k rpm for every 100km, resulting in being able to top it out to redline at 1200km mark = first service.
- avoided "steady state" rpm, constantly rolling on/off the throttle through out run in period.

My bike has now done +20,000km and whether it be a 3,000km week away on it loaded up with gear, chasing mates on Hyabusas and R1s or 400km at a track day bouncing the tacho into the rev limiter in most gears, it does not use A DROP OF OIL between services.

The guy who services it for me went out of his way to warn me the day I picked it up, "mate, I get sports bikes back in here all the time that have 4000km on them and the owner is complaining it is using oil, they have generally been run in at very low revs and the rings/bore liners have not bedded in properly and are glazed allowing oil blow by. I wait till there gone and send one of the young gun mechanics out on it for an hour and they flogg the living crap out of the thing - problemed fixed".

So, in a nutshell, don't go crazy, but don't pussy with it either, constantly vary the revs and progressively and systamatically build up the useable rev range.

Happy hunting,

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