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We have a limited selection of BST Wheels on Sale.

They are the trickest wheels out there! Here's the the list of Sale items:

Monster 900 6.0" Retail $2249, on sale to $1797

MV Agusta 5 Spoke FW Retail $1649, on sale to $1349

MV Agusta 5 Spoke RW Retail $1999, on sale to $1599

CB1300 FW Retail $1649, on sale to $1399

CB1300 RW Retail $2249, on sale to $1799

CBR 600 Older FW $1649, on sale to $1399

CBR 600 Older RW $2249, on sale to $1899

929 5.5 RW Retail $2249, on sale to $1899

929 5.75 RW Retail $2249, on sale to $1899

ZX10 Older RW Retail $2249, on sale to $1899

ZX12 FW Retail $1649, on sale to $1419

ZX12 RW Retail $2249, on sale to $1899

R6 98-02 FW Retail $1649, on sale to $1399

R6 98-02 RW Retail $2249, on sale to $1899

636 05+ RW Retail $2249, on sale to $1999

And here's everything you needed to know about them:

The BST carbon composite wheel is made using the latest technology, materials and manufacturing processes. This lightweight and exceedingly strong wheel is suitable for both racing and street racing use. The wheels have been tested at Rim Technology, Eurotype Test Centre and German TUV, and passed all the tests for road certification. And most important of all, our wheels are unique in that they are created as a single unit - we dont bond pieces together.

BST wheels are unique - monococque (single unit) design with 5 hollow spokes and are suitable for both street and race use.
BST wheels will save you anything between 40- 60 per cent in weight, and more importantly, are designed to deliver the lowest Moment of Inertia - the critical factor that affects the performance of the bike.
Because BST can engineer with carbon fibre and maximise on its properties of high strength and low weight, we have reduced the weight in the spokes and rim without compromising strength. The weight is therefore concentrated in the hub, which means that rotational inertia is reduced, making the bike easier to handle, and allowing you to accelerate quicker and brake later. So not only is the wheel lighter, but it is engineered for maximum performance.
The entire process is managed under ISO9002 standards. BST design the tooling, moulds, wheel and the hubs and manufacture them onsite. Cutting machines such as those used in the aeronautical industry ensure that the process is guaranteed and repeatable to certified high standards. Layup is done in a clean room (dust-free, temperature controlled).
The wheels are cured in an Autoclave at 125 degrees C and 6 bar of pressure. This ensures the best compaction and surface finish.
Every step of the process is logged and the entire history of each wheel is stored.
The carbon fibre that BST use is a woven and unidirectional format, and is embedded in a resin matrix made from toughened epoxy. Pre-preg is used as the machine application of the specific resin systems ensures the most controlled and even application and therefore the highest quality material for use in the BST wheels.

TUV certification for wheels (GSXR1000 front and rears, Ducati 916-998 series and 748 fronts and rears, others in process)
DoT and JWL compliant
Aerospace FAR25 qualified materials
Manufacturing facility is TUV certified, and ISO 9002 compliant
Complete traceability in manufacturing process and materials used including the hubs
Manufacturing process allows for full identification (each has its own Serial No) and traceability (based on the process used for critical parts in the aerospace industry)
Nesting and cutting machines are the same as those used in the aerospace industry - each wheel pattern is cut and the part is numbered simultaneously guaranteeing correctness and uniformity
Layup of wheels is done in a Clean room (dust free, temperature controlled)
Wheels passed all tests for road certification carried out by Rim Technology (UK government certified facility) and Investmech test center.
Corner fatigue carried out as specified in BS. AU. 50.
Radial fatigue carried out as specified in BS. AU. 50.
Torsional fatigue carried out as specified in BS. AU. 50.
Impact test carried out as specified in JWL

The SECRET WEAPON: Club racers in Europe are fitting BST CF wheels on their 600cc bikes and competing with 1000cc bikes.

Racers are reporting lap times of 2.5-3.0 seconds faster with Carbon wheels over the stock wheels and 1.5 seconds faster over magnesium wheels. Drag racers are reporting .2 seconds in the quarter mile.

Some racers are foregoing additional engine and brake modifications and putting the extra money into these wheels.

Typical weights:


Street Front:
4.62 - 5.28 lbs, depending on motorcycle
(complete with hub, bearings, spacers, valve stems and all fittings).

Race Front:
4.18 - 4.62 lbs, depending on motorcycle
(including hub, bearings, spacers, valve stems and all fittings).

The BST wheels are among the strongest on the market (at the Munich Intermot show, BST representatives bounced the wheels on the ground thoughout the duration of Intermot to show they can take it!)

Sorry about the bike pix; if you have one with BST's on it, we'll post it!!!

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