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BST carbon fender sale

BST CF Front Fender: ZX10RR '04-05

Sale Price: $139.
List Price: $229.

BST CF Rear Hugger: ZX10RR '04-05

Sale Price: $129.95
List Price: $209.95

We are clearing out our BST carbon fiber fenders.

The BST fenders are all made with Pre-preg carbon in our exclusive "Ultra Black" finish to match the beautiful BST carbon fiber wheels. A UV clear coat is applied for easier maintenance and protection. Deep black glossy finish looks much nicer than greyish carbon fiber.

NOTE: Pre-preg Carbon Fiber parts use less resin because it is "cooked" under pressure in an autoclave which results in a stronger and lighter product than typical wet-lay up Carbon Fiber. Pre-preg is the prefered method for racing, and aerospace. It is more expensive to build with this method but it results in a superior product.

The fenders are limited to stock on hand.

Why we are calling them blems:
These fenders were purchased as first run products and are perfect in most cases. However they have been sitting on the shelf for awhile in some cases so may have some scratches or other cosmetic defect. We've actually sorted through the obvious blems when they fiorst came in and sold them on EBAy. However we could have missed some of the minor ones. Since we are selling them basically at cost and these are the last of them, we won't be able to swap them out for other fenders.

Unlike what is available on the market--
These are high quality pre-preg carbon fenders that are clear coated from the factory to look just like the finish on the BST carbon wheels. These are strong enough to use as shovels...yet very light and beautiful as the BST carbon wheels.

Why we are clearing them out:
BST is no longer making carbon fenders because of the shortage of carbon material - they need to allocate the high quality cosmetic carbon for their wheel production. We are switching to a different supplier that specializes in small pieces. Unfortunately, the weave is different on the new products--so these BST carbon fenders have to go.


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