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Buttonwillow track day this weekend.

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Anyone from the Ca. area coming to the Club Desmo track days this weekend (Aug 16th and 17th)? If anyone wants to go but hasn't signed up yet, just let them know that you know me and they will drop the prices. If you sign up for 1 day it is $180 and $300 for both. Go to the clubdesmo.com website and click on the track days link. Place my name (Steve Faerge) and the prices listed in the country feild and your good to go.

There are always at least 5 instructors that are at your disposal including Doug Polen. Some fast people usually show up too. Like Jake Zemke, Eric Bostrom, etc...

If you have any questions about it just let me know.
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How do you pronounce your last name...I won't be there, but it might help those that will be there...
Not that anyone can pronounce it anyway. LOL It is Far-Gee.

Man oh man, wish I could have made this one. A track day on a weekend day, no less. At my favorite track. Hmph. Sadly, I'm eleven hundred miles away at the moment.

Doug Polen as an instructor, my my. There's a guy whose forgotten more about riding Ducatis fast than any of us will ever know. He was my inspiration for hauling ass on an 851 ten years ago, back when it was a real hoot watching him and Miguel DuHamel duke it out (bad pun intended). Miguel rode a Muzzy ZX-7 that year, back in the days when the old triple-eight and ZX-7 were fairly evenly-matched.

Buttonwillow's the most God-forsaken place I've seen for a racetrack, though it's damn convenient from I-5. Even those fleabag motels north and south of the proper exit aren't so bad.

I really dig how that track flows, doing the best laps I've done before or since there in October 1997. They took a lot of design elements from other tracks and married them quite nicely to a sensible layout. I think it’s the most underrated track on the West Coast.

This time of year Buttonwillow, CA is hotter than the hinges of Hell. Two months from now it'll be downright nice again, though. Hope the track day went well.
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It was a little hot out there but it was still a blast. I got to ride a 636 and I think I might have to sell my 98 now. I hate ridding other peoples bikes. I was content riding that 98 until this weekend. Damn it.

I live a hour from the track so I just go home. I have had too many horror stories from those hotels. LOL

I was racing CCS if 1997. Were you racing also or just doing track days?

In 1996 and 1997 I raced with AFM, plus did a reciprocity event with WSMC at Willow Springs in ‘97.

The AFM circuit at that time was Sears Point, Thunderhill, and Buttonwillow. I have no idea if that’s changed.

I raced an ’85 Ninja 600R in Super Dinosaur class in 1996 and the beginning of 1997. Miserable crap that it was, and my inability to spend money to keep it running, made for some exciting moments. To be fair, there were better riders in the class, too.

After that crap blew up in a fairly spectacular manner in 1997, I safety wired my 1995 Gixxer 750 streetbike and raced that instead in 750 Production class. In retrospect I should have raced the Gixxer from square one, but live and learn. The bike wasn’t competitive, nor was I, but I had a great time. Damn, 750 Production was fun.

When money permitted, I attended dP Safety schools with my race bike to hone the skills. At the end of the 1997 season I attended a Buttonwillow school that stands out in memory due to training I received from instructor Chris Steward. He took me under his wing, being bored that day I guess (light turnout, only a couple of us in the ‘A’ Group).

I’m not sure why, but I learned more about riding fast that day than ever before or since. Like I said, that’s the fastest I’ve ever ridden: October 27, 1997 when Chris pushed me to absolute, 100% personal-best on that Gixxer 750. We were scooting right along that day. I couldn’t quite catch him, but for just a couple minutes there one session I gave him a run for his money, he riding a (then-new) Suzuki TL1000S like he stole it. Obviously it means a lot to me, and I hope to meet Chris again one day and thank him for the instruction.

Just this year, thanks to the ’03 ZX636B and a fitness program I started in May, I’m riding fast again and hope to go even faster. It’s been a long time, with a couple years riding on the damn street again (I don’t enjoy street riding, usually) and gaining too much weight. I’m not ready emotionally or physically to race with WMRRA (WA club), though it’s a possibility for ’04 I suppose.

I’m a huge believer in taking instruction (training) from guys who’ve forgotten more about riding fast than I’ll ever know. Schools are places to learn. Anyone who fails to learn when training’s available does themselves a disservice, IME.

Thx, L8R

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I paid $100 for 8/25, which was a monday, at Buttonwillow. The trackday was through http://canyonstrafers.com/main.html .

Desmo is too pricy for me. Oh, and Doug Polen was there too..

Another good trackday organization is ZoomZoomTrackdays.com

$100 is a great price. How is Canyonstrafers? I still haven't done one of their days. I am doing a $99 day at the Streets of Willow on the 18th with mtctrackdays.com. Are you going to be there? If so look me up. I will be riding either a silver or green and purple 98 ZX6R (depending on if I have enough time to paint it) with a red chevy long bed truck.

As far as Club Desmo goes they do track days on weekends which the tracks charge considerably more for. Try getting a $100 track day on the weekend. Plus with all the instructors and suspension experts ther free of charge it is well worth the money.

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