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Kawasaki wants $355 bucks for a new fuel pump.. FUCK THAT!!!

Here is an alternative for 1/6th the cost...
Tools Required:
10mm socket (remove pump from tank)
Flat head screwdriver
Phillips head screwdriver
Needle nose pliers
Wire strippers
14-16 guage spade connectors
1 can of throttle body cleaner
Compressed air

And a fuel pump for a 1995 Honda Civic w/ the 1.5 liter non v-tech engine
Reference part # E8335

1.Remove pump from tank.

2. Remove little brass screws from both sides of the body.

3. Remove white clip from housing

Undo power and ground connections

Remove the valve and rod assembly

Pull apart pump module from base

Unclip pump holder

Remove strainer

Now remove the pump from the housing

Pop the cover off of the connections

Similar but different..

Cut the wires to the pump, ( as close to the pump as you can)
Strip the wires, install spade connectors onto ends

Swap over white clip, You will need to trim down the clip as so:

Install wires onto pump.

Trim down center of connectors, you will see why in a few when reassembling

Reinstall strainer after spraying out with throttle body cleaner and blowing out with the air hose.

Reinstall rubber fitting from original pump! Not the new one, will not work

And retaining clip

This is why we had to trim connectors..

Reinstall white clip

Make sure they are clipped in completely

Reinstall pump assembly into body/ housing

Reinstall valve and linkage

Reinstall brass screws

Reconnect wiring

Reinstall into tank and proceed to grip and rip.

Remember to make sure you have the positive hooked to the positive on the pump.. otherwise you will be pulling it all apart again...
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