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Buying New Bike

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I'm new to this whole motorcycle thing....all I've really done so far is research different bikes and models. I'm buying a 1986 Kawasaki ZX6R Ninja from an old friend of mine and I'm looking for some ideas on cleaning and modifications.

Actually, I don't even have my license yet....getting it as soon as the snow is gone. I have to say, bikes are amazingly addictive, I don't even own one yet, have never driven on the road and know very little about bikes.....but I can't stop thinking about the bike I'm buying.

I'm going to be getting a paint job first thing ("my" bike is going to look like "my" bike). [8D] I'm seriously considering either blue or black....either one is going to have a very high gloss (no cheap sh*t here).

Plus, does anyone know where I could get a windshield for the bike...its tinted blue now, but if I go black then I might need a new one and tint it very dark black.

If anyone has any pics of this year and model or something very similar please post them or send them to me ([email protected]).

Jason Foote
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if you have a 1986 ninja good luck finding aftermarket parts. i never see any on ebay dating back that old.....but i moght be wrong.


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