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Hi all

I am posting this on here and a couple of kawi/zx forums I belong to.
I have an 06 ZX636 which i am intending for track use only.

I want to remove the smog system simply to create less clutter.

I do not want to perfrom the KLEEN mod as I don't think it will do anything as I am running the cat downpipes and Two Brothers duel slip ons.

(Also from doing a lot of reading, I do not want to use the block off plates or invert the reeds either, I am wary of doing this and re-routing the crankcase breather).

So if anyone can tell me how best to rtemove the smog items and leave the pair valve connected that would be great.

i was thinking do I simply;

- Remove smog items and seal off inlet nipple on throttle bodies.
- Seal off the one side of the pair valve that lead to the charcoal cannister.

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