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im posting this question for a friend and for my own personal knowledge

so my friend has a 2011 250r

3 washers under each needle
MGP Growler slip-on
K&N air filter
snorkel removed
cali emission removed, holes plugged where needed
clean air system removed

bike started up fine multiple times w/o choke
but it only ran about 1 block and died

bike will not start w/o choke about halfway or full, idle at or less than 2k rpm
bike will die with slightest throttle input with choke below halfway
seems like carbs were not delivering correct air/fuel mixture

so we fiddled around with the idle knob
it would run alright at certain parts as we back off the choke, then it would die

we thought there might be a vacuum leak where we plugged, so we double check and all plugs were good
i thought, it was the idle mixture screws, too damn hard to get to :p

so we ended up putting the emission back on, clean air system, snorkel, and going back to 2 washers underneath each needle
and bike ran great.....

so what are we missing or messing up on?

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When you removed the Kleen Air stuff did you leave one of the ports on the fuel tank open? If you close both it'll do what you described when the fuel tank vapor locks. If you had a vacuum leak it would've idled higher normally, not stumbly and stall easily.
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