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I just wanted to share a couple photos of how I spent last week exploring the area and getting to know my new ride. I took PCH from Huntington Beach up to Santa Monica and stopped in Redondo Beach to nab some pictures for my dad. He grew up around there but hasn't seen it in 30 years so I thought he would like it. The next day I went up Azusa canyons all the way to where the road is closed down. Four hour round trip from my house in HB. It was my first time riding the twistie curvies and man that's a good time. Almost got flattened by a group of wannabe fast and furious tuner fxckheads who came around a blind turn in MY lane but hey now I can attest that my reflexes are pretty on point. I love having a beach only an hour away from mountains, Cali style 馃槑


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