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Ok the last ride I posted was kinda last minute this one is 2 weeks away and people have time to ask off work and or set aside time not to be doing anything. This ride is not for the faint of heart. We will be encountering banked switchbacks, cars, cops, small animals, and small spots of gravel. Please make sure your machine is in good working condition with good tire tread and PLEASE wear all your safety gear; we dont want to have to call the Meat Wagon.

This event will be HUGE!​
Starbucks in Forest Hill

Saturday September 20th, 2008
3:30 PM Kickstands up at 4:15 PM

Map is below. Go from Benbrook, going to run 1187 to FM-5 hop on I-20 go South on 51 ALL THE WAY, make a u-turn and come back to 20. From there we will cruise into Fort Worth and eat at Hooters near Hulen Mall. Route is not set in stone so if anyone has suggestions, please post them.

from: Park Oaks - Google Maps

Please PM your numbers so that I can contact you if you are lost, etc.

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