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Cam chaim tensioner change already?

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Do you think its strange that I had to change the cam chain tensioner already? 1998 ZX6R with 17000 KM/s.
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think mine was repalced 4 times before 18k. Glad I had extended warranty.
Latest they said was improved design. No problems since for me.

98 6R. TBR slip-on. No poser add-ons.
OMG 4 times!
Ya, I hope they made a better one. $100 bucks a shot.
I had to replace mine with less than 3000mi on it. I put a manual tensioner on it and have had no problems. The manual one is only $50 and if it starts making noise again you only have to tighten it. It appears to be a common prob on 98-99 bikes
What have you been doing to your bikes? I've just clocked over 180,000k's and the only thing that's been replaced in the engine is the rocker cover gasket.
Cam chain still sounds sweet.
My bike is one of the very first batch of ZX-6R's made, in '94. So much for the first year of a model being riddled with problems.:D
you go Nigel...180,000 k's is alot...good job!!!!
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