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Hey Everyone

I am going to list the steps in changing out the cam chain tensioner. I took some pics of the old tensioner and the tools I used to get the job done unfortunatly I could not get my camera working during the install (dead batteries). So the steps

Heres the tools and a pic of the old tensioner and the new one from A.P.E.


1. Pull your seats off
2. Pull your tank off (Can be a little tricky because of the petcock) the tensioner is located near the right side of the frame You should be able to recognize from the pic of the old one.
3. Disconnect the coil wires (Not necessary but gives a little more room).
4. Remove the two 8mm bolts holding the cam chain tensioner in place.I used the little 1/4" breaker drive because it was an easier fit.
5. I couldn't get the tensioner out just by pulling it with my fingers so I used a 10mm socket and put it on the larger bolt and gave it a 1/8 of a turn and it came right out.
6. There is a rubber O ring on the factory tensioner that needs to go on the new one once this is done you can install it.
7. The first step to installing it is backing out the tension bolt so theres only about 1" sticking out of the side that goes into the motor.
8. Put the tensioner in with the two 8mm bolts and tighten back down to about 7 pounds of pressure.
9. Turn the tension bolt in until you feel it make contact with the guides and stop then make a 1/4 turn and snug up the locking nut.
10.Start the bike and only let it idle at this point listen for the stupid rattle that made you do this anyway if you hear it tighten the bolt a little more until its gone (Be careful not to tighten to much if you do the bikes RPMS will lower simply back off the bolt once the noise is gone shut the bike off and lock the locking nut in place.
11. Start the bike again making sure everything seems normal give it a few reves and if its ok you can assemble the bike back together reversing the steps.
12.Once your assembled take her for a ride to check her out and thats it.
13. If the rattle ever comes back which it should not simply tighten the tension bolt a little and thats it.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask I hope these instructions can help Good Luck!

My green machine
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