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camaro ss vs my 02 zx6r

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this guy wants to put 500 dollors on a line and a roll race against my bike and his ss, he says he has everythign done to his engine, but people who know him say i can take him. does anyone think i should bet the 500, i fiquar if i lose ill just race away
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nah...i like all american muscle cars and big ass engines, im a ford guy, thats why im giving you a hard time. im thinking about buying a 5.0 and rebuilding that like my zx6r.

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Bah, Rustangs suck!
GM Power! :)

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I hope nothing bad happened during that race.[V] The pimp in the Camaro probably got pissed from losing so bad and ended up shoo:(ting him.[}:)]
Well, folks, I got to the bottom of this for you. Since everyone seemed concerned/anxious, I added sharpshot to my AIM buddy list and I just got done talking with him.

Here's the scoop:
He won the race by approximately 3 car lengths (even though the Camaro DID have NOS). He collected his $500...and then got his bike totaled by an old lady about one hour after the race.:( (Hey, it was almost all good news):)

He should be posting shortly.
Hmmmmmmmm. Sounds fishy. I wonder if the Camaro paid the old lady off? It is pretty ironic though, isn't it?

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Originally posted by speedvlaze

He should be posting shortly.
And then again, maybe not!:D
Did you ask him why he hasn't come back to the board?

You gota have balls like these to drive a bike!
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I think he just forgot about it. It is just one of those things you do for awhile and then lose interest in. He said he would drop in to give an update when I talked to him, but I guess he changed his mind...or forgot again.;)
Or the old lady who hit him visited him in the hospital to finish the job HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.[}:)]:D[}:)]
Don't sell cars short. There are many street driven Camaros that trap 130-140 MPH in the 1/4 mile which would put a hurtin on our bikes. My 650 HP four door 1995 Impala SS is faster than my bike. And it weighs 4,300 lbs. It really just depends on the $$$ invested in the car...

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No disrespect to anyone but it all depends on who is driving....

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My wifes' pick-up truck can beat WS6's.

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