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Can't Make-up my Mind!!!

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So i recently brought home my Kawi 650R and after riding about 900kms with it, I still adore it... That is not my problem...

The "Problem" lies in the choice of color to style my bike... I was thinking of spray painting my windscreen (the stock one) with racing stripes and have a base color of black (once the stripes color and location have been decided)... this being said... i have tested the spray paint on other fiberglass parts and i will be sanding the inside part of my stock screen (to preserve the gloss look by not painting the outside part) with 400 grit, then 400 wet, then 600... the colors come out nice...

I know this decision is based on my personal preference but i would like some input to aid my decision...

so my questions to all of you are...

1. Where should i put my stripes (what angle - what size stripe - how many stripes [adidas style etc...] - what side or corner of screen)

2. What color should I use (will eventually maybe get wheel stripes so maybe stay withing those colors as well)

to aid you... this is some pics of my bike (recently washed with some hose action)

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i'd do 2 inch pink stripes on both sides, with a puke yellow seat, some neon orange rim tape and get yourself a rainbow helmet...

than again its not by bike...
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I'd go with 2-3 red stripes, offset to one side ('cause I'd never get them even anyways, might as well make it deliberate.)
I painted my EX650 dragbike "Pumpkin Orange" and did the black stripe with blue edges straight across.

It doesn't look very good in this picture (due to bad fiberglass work and no clear coat) but I figured I would post it to give you an idea for another option.
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I'd go with 2-3 red stripes
Hooray Bike! lol

On topic: Paint it up like a chocobo, haha.
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