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Carbs or EFI ?

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Can someone tell me if the 2002 zx6r is carburated or EFI. Thanks
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carb. When they went to the 636 they went to fuel injection.
Thankyou very much!!!!
No problem. If you need anymore help, just post and someone around here will have an answer for you. That's what this forum is all about.
Originally posted by melloyello
carb. When they went to the 636 they went to fuel injection.
Almost, Europe had a 2002 636, but it was carbs (It was an overbored version of the 02 6R we got here)

So,its more accurate to say they went to FI in 2003 [8D]

I know, I know, picky picky..

Edited for my stupid typo [8D]
Actually, its more accurate to say that they STOPPED using carbs in 2003.

I did not say anything about the 02 636 b/c I did not think it was relevant to the question. He is from Colorado, so he probably won't be getting his hands on one of them.
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Next thing you know, I'll be the Queen of England.
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