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Quick carburetor question: I have a 1987 ZX600 A3. Just purchased and just completed a complete carburetor cleaning as the bike had been sitting for 6 years with a full tank of gas.

For troubleshooting purposes, should I be able to start and idle the bike without the air cleaner hooked up? Gas in this case is being supplied from a shop fuel tank to rule out any errors imposed by the tank.

I can get the bike to idle if I partially restrict the intakes by about 80%. There were modifications to the bike for the exhaust, instead of the standard four to two the current exhaust is a four to one. The current carburetor jets are stock. Pilot jets are 38 and main jets are 105(1 & 4) 108(2 & 3).

I’m thinking I need to increase the low idle jets by at least 1 if not 2 sizes. If I install the air cleaner and start the bike I can barely maintain an idle (even adjusting with the idle screw).

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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