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Hi, how you all doing,, its been some time since ive visited and the forum is looking good.
heres my question,,
i have a zx9r 2003 european model,,, great bike,, i love the lump,, however,,,, the exhaust,,, oh boy,,, its so long,, im on the second bend while its still on the first !!
i want to change it for a magnum devil race can complete with connecting pipe,,, real short,, shiny,,, and will make it sound like there is a helecopter just a foot above your head,,,,,
my concern is the original silencer and connecting pipe contain a catalistic converter,, how do i go on about that,,, or do i just ignore that and run the new system regardless without any detriment to performance,,, also there are valves and stuff associated with the cat,, can i just leave them in place,,,
keep the rubber on the road,,,
best regards,,,
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