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Just picked up a 2012 ZX-6R yesterday.
On the freeway this morning, shifted from 5th to 6th, it had a brief cutout like the engine died. It popped back in (felt almost like I popped the clutch to start it in 6th gear at 65mph) and then it started dumping red hot chunks of molten metal and sparks out the exhaust. I pulled over (in a hurry) and shut it down. The inside of the tailpipe was glowing red. Like looking into the fiery pits of hell, red. I let it cool for a 4-5 minutes while trying to decide wtf to do. There was no oil or fuel or anything falling off. As everything appeared to return to normal I said a prayer and hit the starter. It fired right up. I let it idle for a minute or two and all signs still pointed to normal. As I was only about 10 minutes from home at this point I got on and slowly started towards the next freeway exit. To my surprise, everything was normal normal. Shifted through all the gears with no problem. Shifted back down through the gears with no problem. So I went a little further. It was fine. No weird noises. Normal temps. Clutch and gears all feel great. If anything, it felt even better. Screw it, I have a warranty, rode the rest of the day. Probably another 75 miles. No issues. Nothing. Great ride overall...:surprise:

So what the hell was that? Did I imagine it? Hell no, I swear it was like I was watching a volcano erupt on the discovery channel in my mirror.

All I can think of is that it blew the catalytic converter filament out. If it was anything else it would have dumped the oil or not shifted right or not shifted at all or...

I won't really have a chance to get it back in for service/dealer for another week or so. So I guess my question is: what the hell happened? Anyone? Tailpipe is still intact. Did I just hollow out my cat on the freeway? How bad would that be?
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