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Well, it's time for it to go. I need other things and I don't talk to enough people when I ride....mainly because I never get out with any groups anymore. So I am selling it. I will post up pics later.

It is a GMRS X1 model, 5 mi. range. will come with:
1. Main unit
2. Ear pieces/mic
3. Plug in PTT button that can mount to the handlebar. (extra usually)
4. Charger
5. Extra battery (extra usually)

I did have problems along time ago that Phatty and Hoser could both contest to. I thought it was the battery. Found out I had the wrong charger so I ordered a new one and haven't had problems since. The person I got this from off fleabay didn't send the correct charger...my mistake for not paying attention. So who ever gets this will be getting a sweet friggin deal. I am selling for $190 shipped to anyone on here. I do have paypal, but will take a money order as well. No CHECKS...I don't deal with that historical method anymore Let me know for I will be posting this on Ebay soon. If you have any questions feel free to email me as well. [email protected] This is the fastest way of contacting me!!!
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