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clutch question

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When I put the bike on the stand, put it in gear and hold the clutch, the rear wheel is spinning very slowly. That does not happen if I put it in neutral. Is this normal or should the clutch _totally_ disconnect the engine from the wheel and thus prevent _any_ movement.

The other question is the loud noise I get when shifting into 1st and 2nd gear. Higher gears go smooth. Is that typical for all ninjas? I drive a '99 zx-6r.

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i saw that no one responded so ill go first. i dont know a whole lot about motorcycle trannys but it sounds like your clutch is not fully disengaging. maybe try adjusting the clutch cable. try spinning it both ways when you have it on the stand and find out whether its cw or ccw. hope that helps ya.
there isn't anything wrong, both of my bikes do it when they're up on stands. my track bike will spin when the bike is in neutral. the clutch on the bike is tight, it's nothing to worry about.

the noise you hear from 1st to 2nd is kinda a kawasaki thing, unless your hearing grinding or something. if your talking about how the "click" is louder, it is mainly because the difference in gear ratios from 1st to 2nd is huge compared to the other 4 shifts. as long as the shifting is smooth, your tranny is fine.
Thanks for your help. Then I can forget about it :)

Yeah...no worries. My bike does that too.

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the clutch cuts of power comning to the rear wheel form the engine. when you put it in first gear, clutch in, there is still "a friction zone". like when you put it in first gear and slowly let out the clutch without giving it any gas, it moves forward slowly.

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