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Commercial Posting and Advertising policy.

Commercial posting of any kind is not permitted anywhere on this site unless you are a current site sponsor. Commercial posts by unauthorized members will be removed and violators will be banned without warning from the site and may incur a blacklisting of any and all information related to their product or service.

Unauthorized members are posters such as manufacturers, individuals selling the same type of item or service more than once, individuals performing repeated services (like modifications), individuals running eBay stores, individuals that appear to be running any kind of private business for which they are posting for, dealers, distributors, manufacturer representatives, importers, dealerships and any other form of commercial post to be determined by the administration of this site on a per case basis.

Commercial Posting/Advertising is defined by any of the following:

1) Press releases and other announcements regarding any current or upcoming products, services, websites, mailing lists or deals by unauthorized members.

Any announcements or press releases should be sent to [email protected] for consideration for posting.

2) Display of company name, logo, phone number, FAX number, postal address, email address or URL in your signature, user name, avatar, profile, media attachments, private messages, posts or chat on this site by unauthorized members.

3) Any form of advertising or commercial posting by unauthorized members not specifically covered under this policy when it is deemed to be commercial in nature by the administration of this site.

Rules relating to Commercial Posting/Advertising:

1) An unauthorized member may not volunteer any information about a specific product that they manufacturer or represent, either in response to a general request for information about a type of product or in any other discussion in the forums, chat or through the private message system.

2) Any forum member posting about their products under the guise of a non-commercial member by either hiding the fact that they are a commercial entity or by means of duplicate accounts will be banned from this site and may incur a blacklist of any and all information related to their company or product.

3) No forum member may post negative comments about products/services of competitors.

4) No forum member may review (or make any subjective assessments of) any services and/or products they manufacturer or represent.

5) No forum member may post topics, replies or private messages to this site on behalf of unauthorized commercial members.

We do openly support the sharing of information about products and services by our members, but our philosophy is that if you're going to make money off our money, hard work and the participation of our members then you should pay for the right to do so.

All monies received for advertising on this site go directly to the cost of hosting and maintenance of the site, related hardware and giveaways and members should understand that every dollar that they spend with a non-paying advertiser is a dollar that doesn’t go to the support and continued evolution of this site and takes money from those that do support this site by being paying sponsors.

If you wish to purchase advertising space or become a sponsor, then please check here. If you wish to have KawiForums review your product or service, feel free to submit a request to [email protected] for consideration.
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