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compare zx6r vs hondfa 600f4

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should I buy a kawi or honda help me!
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I think all the 600's are great bikes, these days its just a matter of what you like. You are never going to use the 600cc to it's full potential so they are all equal (pretty much)

The F4i is a sweet machine but its also on the top 5 of most stolen bikes list. Two of my friends had an F4i both of them got stolen, one bought another one and that one got stolen too!

I personally like the ZX6R for its comfort, its styling is a bit dated compaired to the other bikes. Besides I like carbs, you can do a lot more with carbs than FI (right now) I really don't need to have the latest and greatest bike around, Hell I drive a 1995 Honda Odyssey (minivan) if I was that type of person my choice of bike would be the 2002 Silver and Black R1.

I think in 2003 Kawasaki will be back on top, but keep in mind Honda too is coming out with a new 600 that is rummored to be top dog. Its not going to be an F series, its going to be an all new CBR 600. The are still going to sell an F4i or F5i along with the new 600 (like kawasaki selling the ZX6R 636 and the ZX6RR 600 in 2003)

Really its all on what you like... buy the bike you think you can keep around for a few years.... Look at comfort, riding position, color/patteren etc... and choose.

I personally was set out to buy a 2000 R6 (BLUE ONLY) but they were sold out and only had the red ones so the Kawasaki was second on my list (the suzuki and honda were too ugly for me)

I went to the kawasaki shop and they had both the red and green, I chose the green.
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thanks to all of you guys i just got my new ZX6R and let me tell you it is great. I 've beeng riding the h weekend.the riding position in great and the sound of the stok pipe in amazing.

What color did you go with, what was your out the door price?
$7500 is a good deal about the heat, its normal. All bikes get hot, the more you rev the hotter it gets. You can minimize the heat by using the proper gear... meaning keeping the bike under 6-7k but right now you should not be going above 4K.....

If you are in stop and go traffic your bike will get HOT on the highway it cools down a bit but its still hot to the touch...
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