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compare zx6r vs hondfa 600f4

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should I buy a kawi or honda help me!
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Both bikes are good.

The ZX6R has a better engine than the F4i. Go to www.factorypro.com and check out their dyno section. And that's without ram air factored in.

Also, ZX6Rs kick ass at the drag strip, www.amaprostar.com, check under the results section.

Power up top is about the same, but ZX6Rs have more power down low and mid range.

The F4i has better fit and finish and attention to detail. Build quality on the Honda is better.

Fuel injection is not necessarily better. It is better for emissions, fuel economy, cold weather starts, altitude changes, nitrous/turbo.

Carburetors are better for smooth power delivery and a beefier torque curve.

ZX6R has the better engine. F4i has superior build and finish/is more 'flash'.

Also, be aware that the F4i is plagued by a weak cam chain tensioner. You have to replace it periodically on them. So much so that there ahve been letter campaigns to Honda and there's always group buys for them.

'00 ZX6R silver
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