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I've owned a computer repair gig now for a bit over ten years.

If anyone needs anything computer related, I love to get paid in gear and motorcycle parts to feed my inner monster.

I'll take stands, most new parts, anything for k8 gsxr, or j3 kawi.

tires... gear, and more gear. medium gloves, large jackets, 30-31 riding pants, boots in 8.5 or 9.

name brand tools ( i already have lots of cheaper stuff) I have a lil shop.

I have netbooks, laptops, laptop parts, screen replacements for laptops and pads, droid pads, I can offer you ipads but you gotta have good stuff for apple brand trades.

Right about now I really need a pair of track boots, i got a nice netbook with win7 home (might be pro) duo OS with lenovo quickstart, 160gig hdd, really nice. slightly used, never let me down.

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