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So, even before i picked up my 6R, I was considering building whatever I bought into a street fighter. Not a stunt bike, but a daily driven cleanly built naked sportbike. I've never looked too far into it, but how much fabrication would be involved, and how much could i buy? Is anyone making any parts remotely bolt on? If anyone's riding/rode a naked bike, what's your experience with it? Everything I've owned has been full fairing, double bubble screens, and what not. Thanks for the input.

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You'll need to at the very least:
1) Hide your wiring harness
2) Find yourself a prettier coolant reservoir
3) Find a headlight that you actually like
4) Rig up mirrors and front turn signals

1) Paint it black
2) Drill out the upper triple and install dirt bars
3) Replace the tail/exhaust

Do other things to make it personal:
1) Fit a single sided swing arm
2) Replace the front end with something off a Buell?
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